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Collaborative and service-oriented professional with a proven track record in managing administrative operations and providing executive support for multiple government offices within Canada. Direct oversight of all aspects of office administration, including project management and coordination, internal collaboration, stakeholder relationships, communications, and public relations. Provides local stakeholders opportunities for government partnership by identifying relevant economic development programs to support funding for research initiatives and innovation. Extensive experience in strategic implementation, executive coordination, policy development, and process improvements, constantly pursuing positive change and driven by a strong commitment to public service and social justice.

Personal information

Full Name
Thomas DeGroot
[email protected]
(613) 889-9745

Technical Acumen

MS Office Suite
Basic SQL


  • Administrative Excellence
  • Policy Development
  • Meetings & Roundtable Discussions
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Program & Project Coordination
  • Continuous Process Improvements
  • Time & Task Management
  • Documentation & Reports
  • Community Engagement
  • Stakeholder Relationship
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration



Ledcor Projects Eastern Ltd.

Administrative Assistant

Project Manager

Barbara Bal Campaign (Nepean)

Executive Assistant

Ontario Legislative Assembly

Oversees the general operations of the office of the Legislative Assembly, managing stakeholder coordination and actively supporting initiatives of businesses and institutions within the community. Assumes administrative responsibilities, such as preparing briefing notes and reading binders, executing, and finalizing casework, and ensuring all urgent office priorities and timely completion of key deliverables. Liaises between the local municipal and provincial offices and stakeholders, setting meetings and facilitating continuous communication to advance economic development programs and projects.

  • Led and successfully implemented multiple process efficiencies, including an adaptation of CRM to monitor constituent casework and communication and digitalizing office communication practices from traditional to using technology platforms.
  • Specifically hired to establish a robust system, working through a dysfunctional structure to streamline job functions, processes, and communication across teams, achieving significant transformation in office operation just a few months following employment.
  • Assisted Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), a local company in Kanata Tech Park, in applying for and securing funding from the government and other entities, like Critical Technology Initiatives (CTI), for the Beyond 5G research.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Stakeholder Relations: Works with various stakeholders, including Invest Ottawa, to support research initiatives, helping secure $3M worth of financial assistance from the government. Acts as a bridge between parties, maintaining communication channels to coordinate requirements and progress of funding applications. Assists local businesses, institutions, and community groups by providing opportunities to access relevant government programs that best meet business needs.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Sets and coordinates meeting schedules for multifunctional teams and ensures effective delegation of tasks across all areas of operation to drive productivity. Conducts individual check-ins to follow up on the progression of tasks, ensuring alignment with targets and objectives to facilitate streamlined execution and timely completion of projects. Encourages teams to maintain efficiency by utilizing office tools, system databases, and CRM software.
  • Time Management: Applies a self-management approach to handle multiple priorities and targets daily. Ensures a clear understanding of deliverables and deadlines to effectively allocate time on each task to complete projects within schedule.
  • Work Culture: Maintains an exemplary work ethic and professionalism, being at the front line and an MPP representative, and utilizes strong interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with government officials, ministers, and other high-ranking individuals.

Director of Policy

Office of the Member of Parliament for Calgary Skyview

Overview: Managed operations of the MP office, including all communications, project coordination, media coverage and press releases, financial and HR requirements, and process implementation and strategy to advance the party agenda of the Committee Business. Conducted research on a variety of topics and drafted questions for the ministers. Served as a senior political advisor, providing strategic and legislative insights to party members.

  • Drove efforts, along with the opposition and federal government, to mark February 22nd as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Worked behind the scenes and facilitated collaboration to hammer out an agreement, secured unanimous consensus from upper management, and moved it to the House of Commons, gaining support and recommendation from all members to proclaim it as a law.
  • Led and managed negotiation and coordination between all opposition parties and key stakeholders to investigate an issue of sexual misconduct within the Canadian Armed Forces, facilitating discussions to reach an agreement on the best approach for the case. Supported the investigation procedure to secure enough evidence to back up the claim, meeting with superiors upon receiving the committee report to gain support and ensure the report was tabled before the Federal election. The launching of the campaign to expose sexual misconduct within the military enabled the government to conduct further research, culminating in an imposed sanction over the then Minister of Defense for misleading Parliament.
  • Spearheaded adaptation of a version of Clare’s Law as a local statute, providing citizens easy access to resources and securing immediate assistance and protection from the local police on verified domestic violence incidents. Worked closely with legal teams and stakeholders from the drafting process through approval to ensure that provisions and content all complied with provincial legislation and were bound by federal privacy law.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Documentation & Reports: Reviewed all Member communications and proposed amendments based on witness testimonies. Conducted extensive research for various issues/topics, drafting comprehensive notes and questions for the witnesses to secure more accurate answers and produce highly reliable and verified documents for the common public.
  • Policy Development: Explored issues and reports across all community sectors, gathering information through valid sources and soliciting public opinion to determine the scale and gravity of the case. Conducted investigative process in collaboration with related stakeholders to assess gaps in the system and areas needing improvement or new policies.
  • Stakeholder Relations: Established a strong network of collaborators and stakeholders, including specific organizations and national agencies, to work with the government on large-scale community issues, initiatives, and development programs. Managed and maintained engagement, understanding the organization capacity to support future causes and strategic goals.
  • Meetings & Roundtables: Set up, organized, and facilitated numerous stakeholder meetings and roundtable discussions, providing an avenue to explore numerous issues from different sectors and bringing in various perspectives to resolve identified challenges. Capitalized on opportunities to establish new partnerships aligned with the initial goals.
  • Risk Mitigation: Collected data and analyzed findings, formulating strategies with a clear understanding of risks and outcomes in achieving the end goal. Proactively planned preventative measures, mitigating risks during strategy execution effectively.

Director of Marketing

Kemptville Retirement Living & Russell Meadows Retirement Community

Overview: Modernized and upgraded the company system to optimize marketing and customer service operations. Reviewed current processes and introduced digitalization, including complete redesign, and revamping of corporate websites to secure potential residents and drive new business opportunities.

  • Developed and led the implementation of various marketing strategies to drive occupancy rates and promote the unique features of 2 retirement homes.
  • Recognized for consistent performance in meeting and surpassing occupancy rate targets and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitated company-wide deployment of HubSpot CRM software, complemented with targeted digital marketing initiatives, achieving 90% success rate in generating leads and new clients.

Member’s Assistant

Office of the Member of Parliament for Halidmand-Norfolk

Special Assistant

Office of the Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada

Correspondence Writer

Office of the Prime Minister of Canada



Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)

Brock University

My degree in Political Science from Brock University provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the political systems and structures that govern societies. Throughout my coursework, I gained a deep understanding of political theories, ideologies, and historical perspectives. 

I learned how to analyze political phenomena from multiple perspectives, including social, economic, and cultural factors. Additionally, I gained critical thinking and research skills that allowed me to assess and evaluate political issues and policies. 

Overall, my degree in Political Science provided me with a solid foundation in political theory and analysis, as well as a deep understanding of the complexities of political systems and structures. This has enabled me to approach complex issues and policies with a critical and informed perspective and has equipped me with valuable skills that are applicable across a range of industries and professions. 



Brock University Campus Conservatives


Ontario PC Party

Regional Vice-President (East)

Carleton PC Riding Association


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