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Hello, I’m Thomas DeGroot. I have a proven track record of success in various roles, most recently serving as the Executive Assistant to Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, the former Member of Provincial Parliament for Kanata-Carleton. I’ve also had the privilege of working for notable individuals such as Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Honourable Peter MacKay, and the Honourable Diane Finley.

Additionally, I served as a Regional Vice-President (East) for the Ontario PC Party, and I’ve worked as a Director of Marketing for two retirement homes. I’m passionate about public service and committed to making a positive impact, and I’m a strategic thinker, skilled communicator, and effective leader always seeking growth opportunities.


Personal information

Full Name
Thomas DeGroot
[email protected]
(613) 889-9745



Executive Assistant

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, MPP for Kanata—Carleton

As an Executive Assistant to the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Kanata-Carleton, I provided high-level administrative support to the MPP, ensuring the efficient and effective operation of their office. 

My responsibilities included managing the MPP’s calendar, scheduling meetings and appointments, preparing briefing notes and correspondence, and providing support for constituency events and public engagements. Additionally, I worked closely with the tech sector to secure funding for various community projects and initiatives, leveraging my strong communication and negotiation skills to build strong relationships and secure vital resources. 

In this role, I demonstrated exceptional organizational and communication skills, as well as a strong attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines. I was proactive and demonstrated excellent judgment, often anticipating the MPP’s needs and taking initiative to ensure that their time was used efficiently and effectively. 

I also showed a strong commitment to supporting the MPP in their role as a representative of the Kanata-Carleton community, working closely with constituents to understand their concerns and advocating on their behalf. My dedication to public service and ability to work collaboratively with others was a key asset in this role and contributed to the success of the MPP’s office in serving the needs of the community. 


Director of Policy

Office of the Member of Parliament for Calgary Skyview

As the Director of Policy to the Member of Parliament (MP) for Calgary-Skyview, I supplied strategic guidance and expert advice to the MP on federal policy development and implementation across a range of issues. 

In this role, I worked closely with the MP and other stakeholders to identify key priorities and develop effective policies and programs to address the needs of the Calgary-Skyview community. I was responsible for conducting research, analyzing data, and providing recommendations to the MP on a variety of federal policy areas, such as economic development, transportation, and public safety. 

My ability to work collaboratively and build strong relationships with stakeholders was critical to the success of this role. I regularly engaged with constituents, community groups, and industry leaders to ensure that policies were developed with a deep understanding of the needs and perspectives of those affected by them. I also liaised with government officials, community organizations, and industry groups to build partnerships and advance policy goals. 

Throughout my time in this role, I demonstrated exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as a strong commitment to public service and social justice. I leveraged my expertise in federal policy development to help the MP identify new opportunities for positive change and drive progress on prominent issues facing the Calgary-Skyview community. 


Director of Marketing

Kemptville Retirement Living & Russell Meadows Retirement Community

As the Director of Marketing for two retirement homes, I spearheaded the development and executing marketing strategies to drive occupancy rates and promote the unique features and benefits of each facility.

One of my key accomplishments in this role was overseeing the complete redesign and redevelopment of both retirement home websites, ensuring they were modern, user-friendly, and provided the necessary information to potential clients and their families.

Additionally, I successfully implemented HubSpot CRM, which had a 90% success rate in generating new clients for the retirement homes. Through this initiative, I developed targeted email campaigns, social media strategies, and other digital marketing efforts to drive awareness and interest in the retirement homes.

In this role, I demonstrated exceptional leadership and communication skills, as well as a deep understanding of the unique needs and preferences of seniors and their families. I worked closely with both internal and external stakeholders, including sales teams, management, and other departments, to ensure that all marketing efforts aligned with broader organizational goals and objectives.

Throughout my time as the Director of Marketing for these two retirement homes, I consistently achieved and exceeded occupancy rate targets while maintaining a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. My commitment to innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement was a key driver of success in this role.


Member’s Assistant

Office of the Member of Parliament for Halidmand-Norfolk

Special Assistant

Office of the Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada

Correspondence Writer

Office of the Prime Minister of Canada



Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)

Brock University

My degree in Political Science from Brock University provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the political systems and structures that govern societies. Throughout my coursework, I gained a deep understanding of political theories, ideologies, and historical perspectives. 

I learned how to analyze political phenomena from multiple perspectives, including social, economic, and cultural factors. Additionally, I gained critical thinking and research skills that allowed me to assess and evaluate political issues and policies. 

Overall, my degree in Political Science provided me with a solid foundation in political theory and analysis, as well as a deep understanding of the complexities of political systems and structures. This has enabled me to approach complex issues and policies with a critical and informed perspective and has equipped me with valuable skills that are applicable across a range of industries and professions. 



Ontario PC Party

Regional Vice-President (East)


  • Going to the gym
  • Camping
  • Going hiking in the summer
  • Socializing with my friends
  • Going to the movies
  • Learning about and trying new technologies

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